Growing up on the Hudson

My sisters and I grew up in Malden on Hudson. Our house overlooked the Hudson River. I painted 3 identical pictures of our childhood house, and gave them to my sisters and myself for Christmas. The house is for sale with many changes from when we grew up, but this is what it looked like when I lived there.

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My artistic roots started at an early age from my piano teacher, who would encourage me to draw while giving my sister her lesson. My parents saw my talents and supported me with numerous art lessons from local artists. This began a life long love of art. While in high school, I created several works, which highlighted usage of oil, acrylics, and pen and ink.  This work led me to pursue a college degree in Graphic Design.  After graduating I worked at a Newspaper in NY doing advertising and photography. Shortly after that I got married and spent most of my time raising 3 wonderful children.  As the children have grown, I started taking some classes and it rekindled my passion for painting. I am an avid photographer and mostly use my own photographs, which I have accumulated over the years of traveling. I paint a wide variety of subjects, including still life, wild life and landscapes. Currently, my medium is acrylics on canvas. About 3 years ago, I began exhibiting my work at a restaurant in Beaufort NC along with entries at the VAE (Visual Art Exchange), Seratoma Arts Center and the State Fair. I applied to have my paintings hung at the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery (part of the Beaufort Historical Society). I was juried in and have been showing my paintings there ever since. In Raleigh, along with a couple of other artists we created Blue Iris Studio, which showed our paintings in The Galleria, Raleigh. I enjoy representing nature and objects with a more realistic style. The last few years have begun to fulfill a life long dream of mine to exhibit and have people enjoy my artwork.